Are You Our New Hospitality Intern?

circleHaiti Communitere “Host with the Most” | Hospitality and Event Planning Intern

Haiti Communitere (HC) is a vibrant and innovative non-profit organization in Port-au-Prince. Originally founded to provide disaster relief and response, we have since transitioned towards community growth and renewal. HC offers the option of staying on our base, thus allowing partners and visitors to meet, collaborate and exchange with the Haitian community using the Center. In order to financially sustain the Center we follow a social-entrepreneurship model, where rent and room fees will minimize reliance on international donations. HC is looking for a self-starter able to supervise and improve all hospitality systems, provide staff trainings and to promote the Resource Center to the public and to possible partners.

What Will the Hospitality Intern Do?

On average, Haiti Communitere has 700 people walking through its gates every month. The Hospitality and Event Planning Intern will be giving tours of our Resource Center and will serve as a reference point for visitors, overnight guests, and staff. That means showing guests to their rooms and making sure they feel taken care of. We are also looking for someone to work with our hospitality staff on room improvement through guest feedback. If you like to experiment in the kitchen, you are more than welcome to do so with Yasmine, our dedicated cook. At HC, we like to foster inter-personal exchange because we believe it increases our impact. Can you organize a weekly coming-together event, like family dinner, a movie screening, debate, or charade night? If you are thinking big, why not organize an open house event for Earth day? As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this position and will require you to take initiative. The sky will be the limit for you and you will have a lot of freedom to follow what inspires you.

Core Responsibilities

    • ❖ General on-site management in regards to visitors: Introducing them to the site and staff, providing all information and resources they need, acknowledging feedback
    • ❖ Center improvements and upkeep: Coordinate room standards and systems for updates, organize visitor involvement in the Center’s upkeep, and track usage of the Center by partners and clients
    • ❖ Implement a tracking system for booking trends, and draft a monthly report
    • ❖ Develop and maintain an outreach plan updating our presence on international travel sites
    • ❖ Develop and maintain a relationship with other eco-tourism and environmentally conscious organizations in Haiti, and create a network of partnerships and resources
    • ❖ Manage the gift shop: this includes inventory, display, purchase and sale of goods
    • ❖ Update the information boards, update the daily news boards to educate guests on what’s happening around base, distribute resources as necessary
    • ❖ Weekly special event: You have the freedom to plan and experiment, but the events are to be aligned with HC principals. The goals for the events are community involvement, visitor education on alternative buildings methods, and having fun!
    • ❖ Work closely with HC staff. As you get to know the staff and understand how HC runs, you will develop appropriate and relevant improvements which you will implement with the support of the Operations Director.

Who Are We Looking For?

      HC needs a fluent English writer/speaker (background in French and Haitian Kreyol a plus), with experience in hospitality and/or non-profit marketing and a commitment to the environment. Those who have experience with international travel, accounting, Microsoft Office, and staff management will be primarily considered. This position requires you to interact with the staff, the guests, and the Core Team daily, so you must be a well-spoken, cheerful people-person!
      While we value any experience and skills you bring to the table, a fitting candidate will bring: Positivity, Patience, and Passion for what you are becoming involved in. Be prepared for the challenges you will undoubtedly face. It will not always be easy, but it will be a life-changing experience.

What Will You Learn?

The HC Hospitality and Event Planning Intern will learn key aspects of business operations in combining non-profit practices with social enterprise, especially in the areas of staff/visitor management and accounting. You will apply your experience in the hospitality or service industry to the best effect, particularly when dealing with unexpected challenges and frustrations. Many of our guests are newcomers to Haiti and to community development initiatives – you will learn how to balance providing education and insight while making them feel welcome and safe. We promise that while this position requires continuous attention to detail, patience and exertion, it will give you the opportunity to meet incredible people, both local and international, and make a difference in people’s lives while in Haiti.

How Will HC Support You?

As a core team member, you will participate in our morning coordination and monthly staff meetings. The Operation’s Director will help you define priorities in the beginning and is available for regular check-ins throughout your stay. This is an unpaid internship / volunteer position. You are responsible for flights, medical evacuation insurance (required), and any social excursions. We will provide academic credit, evaluations, etc. to fulfill your internship requirements if needed.

How Do You Apply

Please send your resume or CV and a brief cover letter to [email protected]. Have some fun with this! We are not corporate – we want to see your creative side, and get to know your personality. Don’t forget to mention why you will be the perfect person for this internship!