Events at HC!

RAJEPRE/RAVAGEP tree planting from TdQ

For May Day, RAJEPRE, RAVAGEP, and SEGA teamed up to plant trees in several locations. HC staff members joined those planting at RAJEPRE’s upper school where students helped plant trees in the yards of the houses surrounding the school. Students also gathered for a lunch that included lots of fresh fruit, lemongrass and basil tea, and soup. Happy May Day!

The trees were donated by Tour de Quisqueya an organization that promotes cycling in Haiti. Tour de Quisqueya stopped by Haiti Communitere during their cross-country cycling trip in February. In addition to donating trees, they also hosted a delicious dinner on base that was catered by Myabel and shared their positive impressions of Haiti.

Sip and Paint

Throughout the month of March, Haiti Communitere partnered with Sip & Paint Ayiti to host a series of fundraisers for the Tab Wond. Every Sunday at Quartier Latin, participants gathered to eat, drink, and paint with the oversight of a local artist. The food and atmosphere were impeccable, and though many claimed to not know what they were doing, everyone produced truly beautiful art! Haiti Design Co, Myabel, and Belfwi also joined in the fun on some days. Together, we raised over $300 for the Tab Wond.

The Tab Wond is a group of fourteen local organizations based primarily in Cite Soleil that come together monthly to discuss their ongoing initiatives. Under the Tab Wond, Haiti Communitere funds the Dernyer Kilomet, a micro-grant awarded each month to a small project with a large impact that requires a final push to achieve its objectives. Each winner of the Dernyer Kilomet is selected through an open and transparent process by members of the Tab Wond.

Konbit Bibliyotek

The Konbit Bibliyotek officially broke ground on their site on January 30, 2018! As part of the construction effort, workers took over the workshop at Haiti Communitere. They used HC’s welding equipment to make the fence for the site. With nine people working six days a week, it still took them a month to finish everything!

Meanwhile, other volunteers have begun the process of sorting and cataloguing all of the donated books. With over 10.000 books already donated, it is a huge and on-going effort!

The Konbit Bibliyotek movement started with a simple purpose: to build a library in Cite Soleil. However, as community leaders in Cite Soleil began working hard to raise the funds and books necessary, it quickly grew into so much more. They seek donations only from individuals who want to contribute—there are no grants, no sponsorships—and have put an incredible premium on transparency. The result has been a huge swell of support, with thousands of individual donors who are giving their spare gourdes to support the library. You can learn more on their Facebook page.

Additionally, if you will be coming to stay with us soon, we are asking you to bring a book–any book!–to donate. No donation will be turned away! Just turn to your own bookshelf as you are packing and grab one book that you don’t need anymore, no matter what age, language, or topic (but, please, in good condition). We will add your donations to the growing collection of books we are storing here at HC!