Haiti Communitere Business Development Incubator


Provides support to international organizations focused on using local capacity to create sustainable solutions in the renewal phase of a post-disaster country.

Key issues:

Haiti is a country entering a new phase of humanitarian development. Five years after the initial earthquake that devastated Haitian communities, the country is currently well positioned to capitalize on response and relief efforts. 2014 saw a 2% growth in GDP as reported by IMF while simultaneously many communities remain in need of basic human/social services. Organizations hoping to encourage growth and affirm dignity in Haiti will meet with certain integration and cultural challenges that the HC-BDI is positioned to reduce.

HC is a community oriented working space with the largest library and resource center in country serving the greatest proportion of the population. Our International Partners share resources, access our knowledge base, and engage local community leaders in order to fine-tune their development solutions for local needs. HC can also facilitate integration of your work in both rural and urban areas of need.

The HC-BDI is positioned to service your operational and logistical needs with our team of consultants under the advisement of our international staff. These services can include: business registration, employee tax solutions, local staff hiring processes, payroll processing, and administrative assistance.

Workshops are offered along the way for those who participate in our BDI including how to analyze and measure your integration successes, what is the development landscape in Haiti and who are the actors, locating the communities greatest served by your organization goals, and more.

Operational model:

Haiti Communitere uses a mixed operational model of community engagement, brick & mortar, and virtual positioning. The location of our base within 10 minutes of the airport, UN Logistics Base, and the city center allows for increased exchange of ideas and networking with those organizations you are most likely to work alongside while in country.

While working with our BDI, we will assist you with organizing focus groups directly impacted by your presence in country.

Office space is available for lease at a competitive rate with access to unlimited high-speed wi-fi for business use, electricity, potable water, and security.

Storage for your materials, vehicles, and products is offered as well.

A key aspect to your success and to our effectiveness in country is our network of relations that is open to your organization. The HC-BDI maintains relationships with successful organizations working in country across all development areas including health, water and sanitation, education, gender, food security, housing, and job development.

Our quarterly networking events and monthly newsletter serving over 9,000 advocates will support your integrations and expand your organizational effectiveness.

Of the dozens of organizations that have partnered with HC over the past 5 years, we can confidently say that our success rate is at 97%. Success for us is measured by your organization forming a partnership with HC, growing in size and reach, expanding your service offerings, and generating revenue to relocate to a base of your own in country. Almost all International Partners that have incubated with us continue to operate in Haiti and together we work to improve livelihoods of this diverse population one person at a time.