The Community Round Table

‘Tab Wond’ in Kreyol

The last Friday of every month, Haiti Communitere hosts a community Round Table in the conference room where various communities and local organizations come together in order to communicate, exchange, and collaborate. This past week, Round Table members signed a set list of rules and principles to show their commitment to the Round Table. Some of the principles and stipulations laid out in the document include:

What is the Round Table?

  1.    The Round Table is a monthly meeting at HC.
  2.    The Round Table is a meeting of Haitian community and organizational leaders.
  3.    The Round Table is a place to share ideas.
  4.    The Round Table is a space to talk about sharing resources (mental, physical, or material).
  5.    The Round Table is a place to build solidarity.
  6.    The Round Table is a place that values process over product.
  7.    The Round Table is a space to ask for help taking projects the last kilometer.
  8.    The Round Table is a place for dedicated servant leaders.
  9.    The Round Table is a space for understanding, disagreement, appreciation, and reconciliation.

What is the Round Table not?

  1.    The Round Table is not an organization.
  2.    The Round Table is not a place to look for total project funding.
  3.    The Round Table is not Haiti Communitere.
  4.    The Round Table is not run by foreigners.
  5.    The Round Table is not a place to gain special privileges.

Round Table Rules

  • We commit to always come to the meeting or to send a representative from our community
  • We will be on time so we do not make other members of the Round Table waste time
  • We commit to share our resources and knowledge with everyone in the round table
  • We agree and we follow the principles and the rules of the Round Table and we follow HC philosophy
  • We agree and follow the rules of HC regarding accessing space in the base
  • When we need to use some of HC’s resources (for example, the workshop), we fill out the appropriate forms and submit it during the Round Table or give it to HC management in advance
  • When we benefit from the Last Kilometer Fund, we agree to follow all the processes described in the rules to obtain the Last Kilometer

The Last Kilometer Fund

The Last Kilometer Fund is a small fund created by Haiti Communitere to support community initiatives that are nearly “there”. It is available each month and the Round Table votes to decide which community will benefit from the support depending on their fulfillment of a set series of criteria. The Last Kilometer Fund does not fully fund a project. Only communities that are using the konbit spirit can find it. If, for example, a community puts their heads together and finds people with energy and skills, space and some materials, but are still missing a small bit, then they can qualify for the last kilometer of $100USD. 

In order to become a new member of the Round Table, one must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Be currently involved in community building/organizing activities.
  2. Be referred by a current member of the round table.
  3. Be active in more than one organization.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the Round Table, contact [email protected] for more information. The Round Table is growing and becoming more productive month by month and it is incredibly exciting for Haiti Communitere to watch more and more partner communities successfully mobilize to develop and realize their own projects from start to the last kilometer.