Haiti Communitere is a community resource center that provides a safe space for small international and local organizations to work out of. This might sound simple. But in an environment as complex as Haiti our base provides organizations with a solid place that they can depend on, where they know they will have electricity, security and stability. And that simple idea means they can better meet the needs of their target beneficiaries.

Over the past ten years we have supported hundreds of organizations. Haiti Communitere was launched based on the idea that communities aren’t passively waiting for outsiders to  help.

We believe communities are actively constructing their own futures. That’s why we do not “intervene” in communities but, instead, provide a space where communities can realize their own plans and choose from a variety of tools and models that we help make available for them.

We are committed to changing the culture of development and aid in Haiti. Haiti Communitere champions grassroots-based projects that promote solidarity, sovereignty and community. In partnership with and in deference to community leadership, we explore and engage innovative ways to effectively address long-term needs of communities we serve. 

This includes helping international organizations to appropriately access resources, coordinate logistics, and network with community leaders, as well as to better understand the sociocultural dynamics and potential impacts of their work in Haiti.

Haiti Communitere strives to serve as a support system and resource center for local communities, social entrepreneurs and development groups. The projects come from our partners and we facilitate these projects through access to resources, people and ideas. By doing this, we help to reduce overhead for organizations and businesses and lower barriers for the local community.

Haiti Communitere projects include:

Funding for all HC initiatives comes from our guesthouse. Support community development by staying with us. 

Communitere International

Haiti Communitere is part of the Communitere International family of organizations. When there is a disaster, Communitere operates with the principles of response, relief, and renewal, creating lasting infrastructure to be used and maintained by local communities. Communitere supports community members in renewing their communities with their own ideas and goals, ultimately strengthening Haitian civil society through a bottom-up approach to development. For more information about Communitere International projects see communitere.org. You can also check out Nepal Communitere. 


Quick impact activities with high visibility can result in a quick outpouring of funds. However, we believe sustainability is more important. At Communitere, sustainability means: (i) environmental sustainability (choosing the most environmentally friendly materials and processes) ; (ii) economic sustainability (creating projects that will continue beyond the realm of any donated funds); and (iii) cultural sustainability – engaging in a way that supports and respects local culture.