Haiti Communitere is a local organization registered in Haiti with a Haitian board of directors. We are based in Port-au -Prince near the airport making our base an ideal location for partners (particularly from Cite Soleil) and international organizations.


Haiti Communitere is committed to changing the culture of development and aid in Haiti. Haiti Communitere champions grassroots-based projects that promote solidarity, sovereignty, and community. In partnership with and in deference to community leadership, we explore and engage innovative ways to effectively address long-term needs of the communities we serve. This includes helping international organizations to appropriately access resources, coordinate logistics, and network with community leaders, as well as to better understand the sociocultural dynamics and potential impacts of their work in Haiti.

Communitere International

Haiti Communitere is part of the Communitere International family of organizations. When there is a disaster, Communitere operates with the principles of response, relief, and renewal. Communitere helps create lasting infrastructure designed to be used and maintained by local communities. Communitere supports community members in renewing their communites with their own ideas and goals, ultimately strengthening Haitian civil society through a bottom-up approach to development.

What We Do

Haiti Communitere is currently running the following projects:

Resource Center

Haiti Communitere’s Resource Center includes:

  • Computer Lab – available for community use and training sessions
  • Large Workshop – available for training in construction and furniture-making complete with tools. This space is also available for events.
  • Meeting Room – equipped with projector screen and air-conditioner
  • Co-working space with WiFi

All resources are available for free for local organizations. International organziations pay a small fee.

Office Space and Storage Space

Haiti Communitere offers office and storage space at very low cost for local and international organizations. This is a unique opportunity for organizations to share operating costs, pool resources, and network with one another, while enjoying the benefits of HC’s international connections. Organizations that rent office space enjoy free access to all of our resources and discounted accommodations prices. Storage space is also available on our base with 24-hour security.

Tab Wond

Haiti Communitere partners with the Tab Wond, a group of twelve local organizations based primarily in Cite Soleil that come together monthly to discuss their ongoing initiatives. Under the Tab Wond, Haiti Communitere funds the Dernyer Kilomet, a micro-grant awarded each month to a small project with large impact that requires a final push to achieve its objectives. Each winner of the Dernyer Kilomet is selected through an open and transparent process by the members of the Tab Wond.

Disaster Risk Reduction Project

Haiti Communitere is teaming with twelve local volunteer to coordinate the training and equipping of a first-response team that can in turn help prepare the thousands of at-risk families in Cite Soleil to face natural disasters.


All of Haiti Communiteres projects are financially sustained primarily through our guesthouse which offers low-cost, short- and long-term accommodations for travelers, volunteers, and people who are looking for a co-living environment. All fees from the guesthouse go directly into our community projects. We have a maximum capacity of 41 guests, through a combination of private rooms and dorm beds. We specialize in offering group and long-term accommodations. We also can connect people with local projects. For more information, see our Accommodations page.