Haiti Communitere’s Resource Center is a unique location that serves as a hub for local organizations and small international organizations. The center provides resources and services for a low cost.

The HC Resource Center has been extremely valuable to the community, providing much-needed support to hundreds of organizations. We help organizations lower or eliminate their operating costs. We take care of their logistics like security, electricity and meeting space, all of which are incredibly complicated in Port-au-Prince. This allows them to focus instead on their main goal: helping people and improving the quality of life in their communities. Seven organizations working in education, training, healthcare and water and sanitation currently have a strong presence on the HC base. We are actively looking for more organizations to join our base. If you are interested in taking part please contact us.

The HC Resource Center includes:

(i) Office and Desk Space Options: This is a unique opportunity for organizations to share operating costs, pool resources, and network with one another, while enjoying the benefits of HC’s international connections. Organizations that rent office space enjoy free or low-cost access to all of our resources including our large base, plenty of meeting and training space, use of our workshop, free parking and discounted accommodation. Storage space is also available on our base with 24-hour security.

(ii) Large Workshop: Our workshop area is available for training in construction and furniture-making complete with tools. This space is also available for events.  It comes complete with a full set of tools. The workshop is available for low cost for local and international organizations. To reserve the workshop, please email [email protected] one week in advance. 

(iii) Meeting Room: The HC meeting room is equipped with a projector, projector screen and air-conditioner. It is suitable for groups of up to 25 people. Larger meetings can take place in the workshop. The meeting room is available at low-cost for local and international organizations. To reserve, please contact us one week in advance. 

(iv) Co-working space with WiFi: Local and international organizations are welcome to use our co-working space for free. No reservation is required and it’s a great place to meet people.

(v) Parking Space: We can also offer low-cost secure parking paid on a monthly basis to organizations and individuals needing easy access to the airport.

Haiti Communitere charges a low cost for most of its services. We are a non-profit organization so all fees go straight back into the community. You can pay by cash or credit card, and credit card payments are considered a donation so you receive a receipt.

Through its provision of these amenities the HC Resource Center has served as a launching pad and hub for many organizations that are engaged in grassroots development. Many of these groups have used our center as a springboard, expanding beyond our center to provide training, healthcare, employment and vital services to their communities. Please check out our case studies below.

Kids Connection Haiti: was founded to help underprivileged youth in Haiti  by creating life changing opportunities, focusing on post-orphanage services and providing young people with support. Read more.

Fuego del Sol Haiti and Haiti Communitere have worked together since FdS Haiti was launched on the HC base in 2012. Fuego del Sol is a successful full-service waste management, recycling and clean cooking enterprise. Read more.

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