Haiti Communitere Update: Turning the Corner

Since March of 2010, Haiti Communitere has been on the forefront of providing effective and innovative aid and relief programs on the ground throughout Haiti.  We have prospered against all odds, thrived when most aid organizations have failed, and are privileged to still be working with communities that value – and depend – on our services to this day.
Fortunately, Haiti is no longer a post-disaster relief zone in need of the same kind of aid and resources HC has incubated, coordinated, and delivered so effectively in the past.  Unfortunately, however, the need in Haiti remains immense.
After detailed analysis, we have concluded that in order to sustain and improve the services that communities and organizations in Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti have come to rely on, HC needs to embrace a structural shift that mirrors the evolution of Haiti itself since the 2010 earthquake that precipitated our arrival.

This does not mean that we change … it simply means that we grow.  Over the coming months, you will notice a visible shift in how we function as a business – that’s right, as a business.  We have amassed considerable knowledge and resources, as well as a dynamic local and international network, which will allow us to emphasize the hospitality element of our base, thus capitalizing on a coming tourism trend in Haiti.  Our strategic approach will continue to place heavy importance on community, sustainability, and respect for local needs.

This is a necessary means to an end that maintains a consistent revenue stream, allowing us to continue offering our community services as well as logistical support for groups that remain working in Haiti.

We are excited about this shift as it allows us to more successfully and appropriately transition from disaster response to community development and organizing – in full partnership with community leaders with whom we have developed meaningful relationships with over the past six years.

Please follow our progress and feel free to ask questions, offer ideas, and provide (constructive) criticism.  We truly value your input.