Community Resource Center: Through our Community Resource Center, Haiti Communitere supports local community-based organizations by providing them with equipment, materials and space. Since 2010, we have supported hundreds of organizations. Many of those organizations have since grown beyond our walls to work in the rest of Port-au-Prince and Haiti. Find out more…

Hosting Local Community-Based Organizations:We provide other organizations with a home base; a place where they can feel secure, have 24 hour security, know the electricity is always on and have the opportunity to hold meetings and network with like-minded organizations. Contact us if you would like to join us on the Haiti Communitere base!

Where We Work: We are located next to the airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti is an incredibly vibrant country with a beautiful culture, wonderful people and spectacular geography. It is also the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and one of the most politically fragile countries.

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Events at HC!

Events at HC!

RAJEPRE/RAVAGEP tree planting from TdQ For May Day, RAJEPRE, RAVAGEP, and SEGA teamed…