Haiti Communitere is teaming up with twelve local volunteers to coordinate the training and equipping of a first-response team that can in turn help prepare the thousands of at-risk families in Cite Soleil to face natural disasters.  This project will take place as follows:

Project Title : Ann pwoteje la vi nou (Let’s Protect Our Lives)

Project Length : Two hurricane seasons, total of six months

Target Population : Vulnerable families in Cite Soleil

Beneficiaries: 12 of the project committee members, 400 families from the most vulnerable areas. 

Geographical Area of Implementation : Ti Ayiti, Norway, Pwoje dwouya, Bwa Nef, Trois Bebes 

Context/ Project Explanation: As a result of its geographical location, Haiti is battered annually by tropical winds. Hurricanes and flooding are a regular occurrence, particularly during the hurricane season between August and November. In addition to this, the country is also vulnerable to droughts and rising sea levels. 

Within this context Haiti Communitere aims to bring technical support to the most vulnerable areas of Cite Soleil through the launch of a Disaster Management Committee. 

HC will support this committee by securing training, providing equipment and facilitating communication to facilitate links with emergency centers of operation of the department of civil protection, the Haitian Red Cross, ambulance services and health centers. 

Project General Objective: The objective of this project is to train 400 families from the most vulnerable areas of Cite Soleil about how to respond to risks and natural disasters during the hurricane season. 

Project Specific Objectives:

The specific objectives of this project are: 

  • To directly reinforce the capacity of 12 committee members through training about risk and natural disaster management. 

  • To provide committee members with materials and prevention equipment. 

  • To facilitate communication between the committee and emergency operations centers. 

Anticipated Project Results:

  • 400 families are informed and prepared to respond to natural disasters. 

  • A risk and disaster management committee is formed, equipped and operational for the coming hurricane season.  

Project Activities:This project will involved three main activity branches: (i) Committee training in risks and disasters. This training will be delivered by the Departement de Protection Civile or the Haitian Red Cross; (ii) Hurricane season or flooding events – the committee goes into operation mode. (iii) Coordination of risk management between the committee and emergency operations centers as well as other available resources.