Donate Now to Help Those Affected By Hurricane Matthew in Haiti


screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-24-48-pmWhen Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti last night, it brought gale force winds and torrential rain, which profoundly affected one of the most vulnerable areas of Port au Prince, Cite Soleil. Water levels in the neighborhoods of Cite Soleil are rising as water rushes down from the mountains, reaching into homes; in some parts, the water has reached 3 – 4 feet. Overnight, strong, thrashing winds tore off roofs and the sides of houses. While it will take days for the full scope of damage to emerge, conditions are still continuing to worsen, cutting off services and supplies and creating dangerous health conditions for the citizens of this at-risk community.

Haiti Communitere has been working within Cite Soleil since the earthquake in 2010 and is proud to be a trusted ally and partner of the community. From our employees to our board members, HC is an integral part of this community who now needs our help. We are uniquely positioned to not only know and understand what those affected by the hurricane need, but to provide it quickly, efficiently and directly.

Please donate to help us help Haiti TODAY! We are providing food, water, access to medical help, transportation, temporary housing and re-homing. After the emergency needs have been handled, we will do what we’ve always done here: help communities rebuild!

Haiti is a complex country. Haiti Communitere’s presence, experience and place in the community simplifies it. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference here!